Our company aims to offer unique opportunity

Our student-focused IT company franchise plan aims to provide students with an exciting entrepreneurial opportunity in the technology sector. we believe this franchise program will empower students to become successful IT business owners.

Franchise Overview

Our franchise program offers students the chance to become business owners by leveraging our established IT brand, operational systems, and expertise. As a franchisee, students will be granted the rights to operate under our brand name, access our proprietary software and resources, and receive comprehensive training and ongoing support.

Learn skills with experts

Video Courses.

Learn communication skill

Real-World Experts.

Learn with lifetime access

your mobile and desktop.

Franchisees will be granted exclusive rights to operate within a designated territory

Quick way to Earn pocket money.

We propose a revenue sharing model. Franchisees will retain a significant portion of their revenue while contributing a percentage back to the parent company. This approach motivates franchisees to grow their businesses while ensuring a sustainable and profitable partnership.

Questions & Answers

What is the student-focused IT company franchise program?

The student-focused IT company franchise program is an opportunity for students to become business owners in the IT industry while still pursuing their studies. It provides a complete franchise package that includes training, support, and resources to help students establish and operate their own IT businesses.

What does the franchise fee of Rs 500 include?

The franchise fee of Rs 500 includes a company t-shirt, visiting cards, and a digital marketing course. These materials and training will help franchisees promote their businesses effectively and gain the necessary skills to succeed in the industry.

What kind of training and support will franchisees receive?

Franchisees will receive comprehensive training on various aspects of running an IT business, including operations, customer management, and marketing strategies. They will also have access to an operations manual, ongoing support from a dedicated team, and regular updates on industry trends and best practices.

Will franchisees have exclusive territories?

Yes, franchisees will be granted exclusive territories, ensuring that they have a defined customer base and limited competition within their designated area. This allows them to focus on serving their local market and building a strong customer base.

How will franchisees generate revenue?

Franchisees will generate revenue by providing IT services to their clients. They will retain a significant portion of their earnings while contributing a percentage back to the parent company, following a revenue sharing model that incentivizes their success and growth.

What are the selection criteria for becoming a franchisee?

The selection criteria include being a current student or recent graduate, having a passion for technology, possessing basic technical knowledge, and demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit. Applicants should also have the financial capability to cover initial operational expenses.

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